Secure Living Online offers seminars for children which teach refusal skills, stranger awareness, and escape techniques. We also teach adults how to teach children these complex topics. Some of the assault scenarios we cover include being picked up from behind and grabbed by the wrist. The emphasis is on building a child's feeling of self-confidence and self-worth, and arming their minds with information about potentially dangerous situations. Other topics covered include: how to find help when lost, helpers, and using the buddy system.


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Secure Living Online offers seminars for teenagers which teach non-aggressive escape techniques. These seminars are most often taught in middle school and high school physical education classes and for community organizations such as the Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, YMCA programs, and summer camps, but are available for a wide range of organizations including and others. What are non-aggressive escape techniques? Physical responses to grabs that are use to get free in order to leave and seek help. They are not techniques that can be used to bully or instigate a fight. They do not teach teenagers to stand and fight an assailant. Instead, they use the physics of the body and easy to learn motions to break free from a grab or avoid and assault in order to escape, plain and simple. The program includes an emphasis on personal responsibility to make good choices and develop good habits that will help them avoid potentially dangerous situations. As teenagers get older, their independence increases, exposing them to higher levels of risk to assault. A discussion of these situations is integral to arming their minds with the knowledge necessary to avoid conflicts. The physical responses allow them to protec themselves in the event that they have done everything possible to avoid an assault, but are still faced with this dangerous situation.

  • Grandmaster Clifford C. Crandall and Master Eric Stalloch Seminar
    At Secure Living Online, we specialize in seminars and programs for personal safety. Grandmaster Clifford C. Crandall and Master Eric Stalloch use their many years of experience to teach informative seminars to a variety of target groups.

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  • Public Service Announcements Video
    Our PSA videos can help you become more secure in your daily life by arming your mind with knowledge and your body with physical response skills. New videos are added regularly so you can continue to learn at year own pace.

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    We enjoy teaching seminars to groups directly, but if you would like to offer a program for your organiza-
    tion, school, or in your community on an ongoing basis, then we can train your staff and act as consultants throughout the year.

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