Secure Living Online produces public service announcements for health, awareness, and personal safety for people of all ages and abilities. This campaign called Secure Living was started by Grandmaster Crandall in the 1980s in a series of newspaper articles and features on the nightly news on WKTV, an NBC affiliate. He also served as the spokesman for the McDonald's Corporation, appearing in PSAs with Ronald McDonald reminding children how to "Be Safe." If you would like to bring these PSAs to your community contact us at contact@securelivingonline.com.


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"Don't Be Afraid of the Fireman"

Would your child know what to do in a fire? Often fire fighters look intimidating and scary in their protective gear. This PSA reminds children that firemen and firewomen are helpers. Share this PSA with friends, family, and the children who can benefit from this important information.

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"Call 911 in an Emergency"

Would your child know what to do in an emergency? Teaching children how and when to dial 911 can make the difference in an emergency where you are unable to call for help. Filmed at the Oriskany, NY 911 call center and the American Martial Arts Institute. Share this PSA with friends, family, and the children who can benefit from this important information.

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"Measuring Your Cane"

A cane is an important piece of adaptive equipment which can make a difference in your mobility, stability, and independence. It can also be used to protect yourself in an assault scenario. However, a cane with the improper length can lead to stress injuries. Lean how to measure a cane so it is the right length for your helath and overall well-being.

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"Use Your Backpack to Escape an Assault! (Part 1)"

Would you know what to do? If you are grabbed by an attacker and wearing a backpack it can be used as tool to break free from their grab so you can escape to safety. Learn more in this PSA. Share it with college students, high school students, and anyone who uses a backpack regularly.

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"Flooding - Take the Safe Way"

Do you know what to do on a flooded road? Even a foot of water can lift and move a car. And, you can't be sure how deep the water is or what lurks beneath the surface. It may take longer in an already busy day, but the long way is the safe way.

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